Huge thank you to our list of sponsors who have supported us through thick and thin! BTM AutoSport chooses the finest of companies to involve in our racing program. If you see a company logo on our car or our website, rest assured that it is a company that we ourselves back the product of!

CorteX Racing

CorteX Racing began with a pursuit of products that were wanted on their own cars. When no one in this industry offered what they were after, they went out and engineered it themselves. Their passion is to provide best-in-class, optimized, professional caliber motorsports parts to the enthusiast and professional.

Jongbloed Racing Wheels

When it comes to racing, only quality, high-performance racing wheels will do, and Jongbloed Racing Inc. has just what you seek. A trusted wheel manufacturer in Morgan Hill, California, which is just south of San Jose, their focus is on creating tough and ultra-high-performance wheels and rim halves for stronger, lighter, cooler, and faster performance.

HANO Motorsports

Grassroots Motorsports Team headed by Josef G., with a passion for performance, excellence, and teamwork.

Rekleiner Vinyl Graphics

If you have any vinyl decal needs, Rekleiner Vinyl Graphics can turn your art work, logos, or any idea into a great looking die cut decal to show off to everyone!